WordPress Plugin to show .fit files

I’ve recently finished writing a WordPress plugin to display .fit (Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer) files. These are files from fitness devices, such as Garmin watches & bike computers. This is a personal project that I’ve wanted for quite a while. I’ve often posted in my personal blog (stuarttevendale.com) about the cycling, running & triathlon events I’ve taken part in, but including data from the event wasn’t straight-forward. While other plugins have existed to display routes from .gps file or other formats, this meant the additional hassle of converting the files. The data from the files also had to be entered manually.

For this plug-in, simply upload the .fit file to the media library in WordPress and add single shortcode to your post. The plugin has various options to set the colour of the route line, units (imperial or metric), and to determine in the map can be zoomed or not. The plugin also shows a summary of the event; start time, distance and time taken.

Download from: http://yellowfield.co.uk/downloads/showfit.zip

If you’re interested in using Yellow Field Technologies for developing your next WordPress plugin, please get in touch.

The plugin is based on LeafletJS maps and uses phpFITFileAnalysis from https://github.com/adriangibbons/phpFITFileAnalysis, php-geometry from https://github.com/gregallensworth/PHP-Geometry and https://github.com/pointhi/leaflet-color-markers.

Some Examples:

The Methlick Cycle Challengehttps://stuarttevendale.com/2019/07/19/methlick-cycle-challenge/

Show the basic route map + summary data using plugin defaults:

[showfitfile file = "2019-07-14-10-32-10.fit"]

14-Jul-19 10:32 am
63.14 km

Loch Ness Marathonhttps://stuarttevendale.com/2017/10/26/loch-ness-marathon/

Shows the route on an interactive map, with a blue route line & the session details in miles.

[showfitfile file = "Loch-Ness-Marathon.fit" interactive="yes" colour="blue" units="imperial"]

24-Sep-17 10:03 am
26.28 miles